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Key areas of expertise & service offering


Understanding your market, customers and competitors are the cornerstones of your strategy. I can help you devise a compelling customer proposition (with competitor analysis) that is the main ingredient for a successful product or service strategy. But I will also help you make sure that it remains relevant and is easy to apply in today’s fast moving digital world.


  • Market and customer analysis

  • Competitive positioning and differentiation

  • Customer-centred product propositions  

  • Marketing strategy and plans


Make a splash and create an impact, but keep it simple. Easier said than done? Know your customers and place them to the core of your campaign. I can help you steer your partners and community to sing your praises in social media. 


  • Campaign design

  • Launches and partner marketing

  • Lead generation

  • Content strategy, on and offline channels

  • Communications and social media

  • Crowd-funding and sourcing


Information comes in many forms and can be overwhelming. So how to get your message across regardless if you are talking with employees joining your business through a merger or staging a showcase for customers at a busy global trade show? I can help you keep to it simple and crisp, while engaging your audience on topics they care about.


  • Internal communications

  • Corporate communications

  • Sales support

  • Copywriting

  • Event planning and management

  • Supported by social media and digital marketing 


If you’ve just lost your head of marketing or the process of recruiting a new one takes longer than expected, then I can get you through this difficult patch. Or you just might need a fresh perspective to help your internal teams to come up with a plan that everyone buys into. 

  • Interim management: recruitment, team development and operational management

  • Co-development of marketing strategy between sales, product management, design, marketing and leadership teams

  • Budgeting, forecasting, resourcing and vendor management


Partnering with tefficient, an international telco competiveness specialist providing operators and suppliers with analysis, benchmarks and go-to-market expertise.

Labels can be limiting. But it is helpful to highlight some sectors I’ve worked in. And I can draw on the network of creative and PR professionals I’ve built up over the years.


  • Software and mobile

  • Carrier business and telecoms

  • Higher education

  • Corporate and start-up 

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